Formulation Development Services

Tashi Pharma is a constant evolving Pharmaceutical company, which is always looking towards the new product development in the field of the Pharmaceutical industry! The team at the company offers the best environment for such a change and lead in the best way for the New Pharmaceutical Product Development! The Company assures that the team is always ready…

Contract Manufacturing

Tashi Pharma Pvt. Ltd, a Pharmaceutical Company based in Ahmedabad is involved in the contract manufacturing and is responsible to manufacture the top quality Pharmaceutical products. With the use of the latest high tech and modern equipments and technologies, the automated process of the production has been prepared. Responsible to …

Regulatory Affairs

Regulatory Affairs or the Government Affairs as available at the Tashi Pharma is a top quality department. It ensures that the drug development process is carried out in the best possible manner.As you all know, that the Regulatory Affairs plays an important and crucial role in the pharmaceutical industry, which defines the stages of the drug development…

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